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Ukraine Flag
Help Defend Freedom of Ukraine

by supplying critical non-lethal optical, protective, and medical equipment to the forces with urgent needs so that Ukraine's victory over Russian invaders will be a bit closer

Dear Friends of Ukraine,

We have been helping our homeland since the start of the Russian war against Ukraine. Together with my colleagues and other like-minded Ukrainians, we established the Children of Heroes Fund, which provides long-term support to kids who have lost their parents after February 24, 2022. With my colleagues from the investment industry, we launched the #TheResponsible50 project aimed at analyzing what side of “responsibility” the top-50 multinationals take concerning their businesses in Russia. 

You probably know how brave Ukrainian freedom fighters are. Some perhaps heard that President Zelenskyy continues to urge the world’s leaders to actively supply Ukraine with weapons. However, as our country wasn't fully prepared for the attack, there are units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces who are still underequipped. That is why we decided to launch DEFENDFREEDOMUA, a non-profit boutique project aimed at helping Ukraine to defend not only its own but also Europe’s future and freedom by supplying professional critical optical, protective, and medical equipment to make the UAF more advanced and effective. A proven network of our partners, close friends, and even relatives currently serving in the army allows us to fulfill actual needs and deliver sets directly to the frontlines.

We cover the full spectrum, from raising funds and procurement to logistics and reporting, while our trusted partners provide NGO, administrative, and infrastructure support. DEFENDFREEDOMUA operates on a 100% non-profit and volunteering basis. We invite you to join us and contribute to the fundraisers so that the freedom of Ukraine will be a little closer




Alina Shpakova



Dmytro Nazarenko

Freedom Volunteer


Vitalii Grinin

Freedom Volunteer

What We Do


Formulate verified requests via partners, close friends, and relatives now serving in the army


Run dedicated fundraising campaigns for each request, or tap into partners’ resources


Organize invoice-based purchases and logistics of each set to units in need


Provide proofs of deliveries and run regular updates on the funds used

How We Help


Optical Equipment

Equip units with riflescopes, thermal imagers and drones to be eagle-eyed both during the day and at night


Tactical Medicine

Save lives of defenders with premium-quality tourniquets, IFAK medical sets and more


Protective Gear


Bring more protection and comfort with bulletproof vests, knee-pads, glasses, and gloves

Impact & Updates

UAH 500,000+

Raised and supplied
since launch


Potentially saved lives and limbs


Units are now more advanced
and efficient

Our support delivered to and counting...

SSO logo.JPG

Special Operations Forces
(SOF) of Ukraine

3 ОШБ лого.JPG

3rd Separate Assault Brigade

10 огшб.JPG

10th Separate Mountain
Assault Brigade "Edelweiss"


State Emergency Service of Ukraine

Hospitalliers logo.JPG

Hospitallers Medical Battalion

202303 - Tourniquets..JPG

March 6, 2023: Supplied 90 professional American 7-gen tourniquets and other medical equipment to three units on the Eastern frontline


Oct 9, 2022: Started a fundraising campaign to purchase 100 7th gen tourniquets to save limbs and potentially lives of 100 counteroffensive soldiers


Sep 2, 2022: Delivered another optical set with thermal imaging scope, drone, and thermal spotter to the 10th Mountain Assault Brigade


Aug 14, 2022: Equipped the Special Operation Forces unit with the optical set comprising a sniper set, drone, and thermal imaging spotter

Car repair.JPG

Aug 9, 2022: Helped to repair a pickup truck now serving together with the infantry unit on the Southern Frontline

Polish partner.JPG

June 21, 2022: DEFENDFREEDOMUA is now partnered with the volunteering project Stockholm Tactical Fundraising Ukraine


May 10, 2022: the team received the Armox600- based bulletproof vest for review (and potentially for the forthcoming new set)


April 27, 2022: with partners, delivered DJI drone to State Emergency Service in Korosten to help with explosives and firefighting caused by rocket strikes 


April 24, 2022: delivered 20 kg of medical and household items to the volunteering center in Zhytomyr oblast

Polish partner ISH.JPG

June 24, 2022: DEFENDFREEDOMUA is now partnered with Warsaw-based Kulski Foundation for Polish–American Relations 


May 07, 2022: equipped with IFAK medical sets the unit that retreated Makariv town, a suburb of Kyiv, and is now preparing for the next move 

Sets 10.JPG

April 14, 2022: DEFENDFREEDOMUA started fundraising optical sets

Check out our detailed updates and current fundraisers on Facebook

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